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Ken Farnum, Jr. began his first church job during his college years. Taught the piano by both mother and grandmother, he was introduced to the organ by his mom, Judith Farnum, in 1976, taking her position at Our Savior's (R.C.) in the Bronx. Ken played piano dozens of popular local groups and singers during his time at Fordham Preparatory and Fordham University for various events, both secular and sacred. Almost a dozen years later he fortuitously met his then wife-to-be, Elizabeth Henreckson, while music directing a Cole Porter revue. Mr. Farnum spends most of his professional time tuning and repairing pianos for hundreds of customers and prestigious institutions. He also plays for over a dozen local churches and schools. Ken is also founder, arranger and Music Director for The GiZMO SynFauxNY, an electro-classical synth-keyboard trio based at St. Mary, Star Of The Sea, on City Island, NY, where he is organist and music director. He is in his 5th year as a Choral Music teacher St. Catharines Academy and is his fourth year at his high school alma mater starting a Choral Class for the men of the Fordham Preparatory. He also has been connected with Aquinas, St. Catharines Academy and Fordham Prep since the mid-70's.

For ten years (1995 - 2005), Ken also founded and ran the NYC tri-state area Foosball (table-soccer) Tournament Association known as NYMetro Foosball 

View Ken's first post on You Tube: electro-classical version of: Franz Scubert's 'Wiegenlied, Op 98, No 2, D 498 "The Cradle Song" (arr. by Leopold Godowsky/Ken Farnum, Jr.)
 This is Ken's electro-classical "synthestrated" version of Leopold Godowsky's
arrangement of Franz Schubert's 'Wiegenlied, Op 98, No 2, D 498
("Lullaby" or "The Cradle Song")  
This track appears on  the 9/11 "Heavenly Lullabies" CD conceived and produced by Kathy and Jay Fallon,
featuring various artists (including Frederic Chiu). The CD and award-winning children's book raised monies
for the orphans of 9/11. It can be purchased at: www.cdbaby.com/cd/heavenlylullabies and www.heavenlylullabies.org

  Listen to Ken Farnum, Jr.'s electro-classical version of:
'Wiegenlied, Op 98, No 2, D 498 "The Cradle Song"
(Franz Schubert - arr. by Leopold Godowsky)

   Ken Farnum, Jr.'s electro-classical "synthestration" of Leopold Godowsky's piano transcription
Franz Schubert's "The Cradle Song" / 'Wiegenlied", Op 98, No 2, D 498.
This track appears on the "Heavenly Lullabies" CD found at:

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Listen to our 2003 Liturgical CD, "Sail The Soul"


"Sail The Soul"
(popular Christian songs of inspiration and reflection)
is now available for purchase.

These beautiful inspirational and reflective songs represent some of the most revered hymns in the Christian repertoire.
Ken Farnum's keyboard arrangements and Elizabeth Farnum's vocals, the recording contains such favorites as "Creator of the Stars of Night", "Ave Maria" and "The Wedding Song", along with new arrangements of such titles as "Mary, Did You Know?", "Veni Creator Spiritus/Veni Sancte Spiritus" and the Celtic-flavored title track, "Sail The Soul". The nautical-themed title serves as a perfect expression of Elizabeth and Ken's love of nature, water and their beloved City Island community, which they have happily called 'home' since 1988.

Since we met through our love of music and are always inspired by these pieces when we work together as a liturgical team, we hope our selection of the popular hymns and songs on this CD will serve to lift, inspire, and sail the soul.

play "Sail The Soul" .mp3 sound clips

01 The Wedding Song - There Is Love.mp3
02 Loving and Forgiving.mp3
03 Ave Maria Schubert.mp3
04 Danos Tu Luz.mp3
05 Mary-Did You Know.mp3
06 The Clouds Veil.mp3
07 We Will Rise Again.mp3
08 Veni Creator Spiritus.mp3
09 Halelujah - Pelo tsa Rona.mp3
10 In The Breaking Of the Bread.mp3 
11 Sail The Soul.mp3
12 We Are The Reason.mp3

   Hope you enjoy our  liturgical CD!
  - Ken & Elizabeth Farnum

Click here for Order Form to purchase "Sail The Soul"

Listen to and purchase "Sail The Soul"

Like her husband Ken, Ms. Elizabeth Farnum acquired her first church position in college, where she studied musical theatre at The Hartt School, graduating with honors. It was during this time, while working for many diverse religious faiths (her first church position required her walking three miles back and forth through all types of weather!), that she developed a groundwork for a deeper understanding and interpretation of religious song texts. Upon graduation from school, she embarked on a career in musical theater, which eventually took her to New York City in November of 1986 (coincidentally on her future husband, Ken's, birthday!). While performing as a musical theater artist, including a six-month engagement aboard the SS Rotterdam and a run on Broadway in Riverdance - the Show, Ms. Farnum also became one of the most sought-after contemporary music specialists in New York; her performances of both modern and early music have taken her throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan. She has collaborated with many of today's prominent composers, and three of her recordings have been nominated for Grammys. During her busy concert career, she has continued her relationship with the church, singing with the best and most famous of choral groups in New York, including the choirs of St. Bartholomew's, St Ignatius Loyola, Church Of The Ascension, Cathedral Of St. John The Divine and St. Patrick's Cathedral. Ms. Farnum serves as leader of song in many churches throughout the New York tri-state area, often accompanied by her husband, Ken. Elizabeth Farnum, soprano, is a specialist in contemporary music. In addition, she is an active performer in many diverse musical styles, and her performances of modern music, early music and musical theater have taken her throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. She has premiered pieces by prominent composers in many venues, including Alice Tully Hall, Merkin Hall, Bargemusic, London's Institute for Contemporary Art and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, collaborating with such composers as Charles Wuorinen, John Harbison, Ricky Ian Gordon, Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Anthony Newman and Toby Twining. She has been a guest soloist with many of New York's modern music ensembles, including the New York New Music Ensemble, Speculum Musicae, Sequitur, the Cygnus Ensemble, Parnassus and the S.E.M. Ensemble. She appeared in a featured role in the U.S. premiere of Pascal Dusapin's To Be Sung, presented by L'opera Francais, and recently completed a tour of Europe and an engagement at the American Academy in Rome. In the Oratorio and Concert fields, Elizabeth has appeared as soloist with the American Symphony Orchestra, the Riverside Symphony, The La Jolla Symphony, the Jupiter Symphony, the Bronx Arts Ensemble and Musica Sacra. She has also performed and toured with acclaimed early music groups Pomerium and the Waverly Consort.

Ms. Farnum's background is in musical theater, and she made her Broadway debut in Riverdance. She has starred in several Off-Broadway and regional productions, and has performed with the chorus of the Metropolitan Opera. She is featured on recordings of Deutsche Grammophon/Allegro, Koch International, Bis, New World, Albany, Centaur, North/South and Pro Organa; three of her recordings were nominated for Grammy awards. Upcoming recordings include works by Harold Meltzer and Andrew Violette. Ms. Farnum has a
keen interest in nature, animals, and the environment, and is a NY State-licensed wildlife rehabilitator.
She lives on
City Island, NY with her husband Ken, a keyboardist and piano technician.

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You may print Elizabeth Farnum's business cards on (at least 110lb.) card stock at this .pdf link:

My mother, Judith Farnum has been the organist and choir director for Church of the Incarnation since 1976.
She was born in Brooklyn, NY., but at a very early age her parents returned with her to their home
in Barbados. It is here where she spent her early years studying piano at the Gormandy School of Music and organ under the direction of Gerald Hudson, master organist at St. Michael's Cathedral. 
At the school where she attended, St. Patricks, Mrs. Farnum choreographed numerous dance recitals and regularly presented musical evenings.
She married Ken Farnum, renowned Olympic cyclist champion and they eventually moved to New York City
were she attended New York School of Music.  She was organist and choir director of St. Catherines,
Our Saviours and Christ the King Christ churches. 
The Farnum's son, daughter, Judith Angela is an organist/musical director at Our Lady of Mercy
and Christ The King and is a designer and Group Facilitator for after-school programs.
Their son, Kenneth, is a piano tuner and organist/musical director at St. Marys Star of the Sea in City Island, NY.  He is also married to Elizabeth Henreckson Farnum,
a renowned contemporary music soprano.
  Mrs. Farnum still teaches piano with students who have held recitals in many major venues in New York City.

My sister, Judith A. Farnum, has been organist at Our Lady of Mercy and at Christ The King churches for the better part of the last two decades.  She has worked in the fashion industry elbow to elbow with such greats as Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger. 
She owned and operated her own custom design company for many years, but now her passion has taken her to teaching exercise and easy dance movements
to the masses with exciting varieties of musical styles from around the world through DanceEasy (tm)


My mother, Judith Farnum,
first woman to be licensed to ride a motorcycle in Barbados!

The Barbados Olympic story began in 1952 when my father, Ken Farnum (Sr.), a Barbadian who at the time was the region's best cyclist, competed at the 1952 Summer Olympics held in Helsinki, Finland. 

see the pics of the surprise for my Dad
at the Barbados Olympic Museum on Tue-March 13th, 2012

The Barbados Olympic story began in 1952 when
my father, Ken Farnum (Sr.), a Barbadian who at the time was the region's best cyclist, competed at the
1952 Summer Olympics held in Helsinki, Finland. 


Give sporting giants their due - Print Version

2011, not a single sportsman was recognized in the National Independence Awards.
Last year, the same thing happened.

Now, we wait over the next few days with baited breath to see if those entrusted with the responsibility for honoring some of this country finest in their field of endeavour will remember our sporting stars.

It would be a crying shame if this injustice continued.

Both governments, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), have much to answer for in this respect. In 2006 and 2007, under the BLP administration, sportsmen were shut out of the awards, now the DLP has followed suit by ignoring sportspeople in back-to-back years.

Sportsmen and entertainers are the biggest stars in the world. Michael Jordan, Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Sachin Tendulkar and Michael Phelps are proof of that. They make more impact than the paper shufflers in the office.

Every year we champion the efforts of those in the judiciary, the medical fraternity, economists, retired public servants and businessmen.

We remember entertainers every now and again, and we tend to forget the sportsmen too often.

It is a sad reflection on this country, or more so the decision-makers, when year after year those who have excelled in the field of sport are ignored. Who are these people hidden from view who are responsible for these monumental omissions annually?

If sportsmen are ignored again, Government will seriously have to entrust selection to those who have an overview of the process.

If the awards are for meritorious service or achievement, track and field darling Lorna Forde, tennis ace Martin Blackman, cycling wonder Ken Farnum, and hockey star Ralph Holder more than fit the criteria.

Forde, a Pan Am Games bronze medallist in the 400 metres, dominated the United States indoors circuit between 1972 and 1983 and pioneered Barbados' entry to the European circuit.

She stamped her supremacy on the 440 yards indoors; was undefeated indoor national champion for six years and held the world record for that distance. She startled the United States track scene in 1978 when she won the national championships there with a record 51.04 run, defeating Olympic medalists in the process.

Blackman, a son of former Central Bank Governor Dr Courtney Blackman, is Barbados most accomplished tennis player to date, having played professionally on the international circuit in the 1980s. He formed a formidable partnership with Richard Ashby, the two leading Barbados to rare Davis Cup victories over strong teams such as Bolivia.

Farnum was a household name in Barbados during the 1950s when he brushed aside all local challenges for several years without tasting defeat.

He created history in 1952, becoming the first Barbadian Olympian when he rode at the Helsinki Games. The Farnum to Finland Fund was created to cover expenses to allow him to take part in the 15th Olympiad.

Through public subscription and help from the Government, Farnum was able to ride but could not do so in national colours because Barbados did not have Olympic status. Finland was a mind-blowing experience for the 6ft, 2in, 21-year-old, from Peterkin Road, Bank Hall. Now 82, Farnum has paid his dues and deserves to be recognized sooner rather than later.

Ice-cool and unruffled, Holder was an automatic choice in every national hockey team throughout the 1980s and early 90s. A keen student of the game, Holder employed subtle stickwork to bamboozle defenders. A member of the CAC bronze medal-winning side of 1982, Holder had at one stage accounted for one-third of this country goals.

Not only sportsmen have been marginalized. Revered songbird Wendy Alleyne is a national treasure on the same tier as the Mighty Gabby, Red Plastic Bag and Sir Don. She is so fine. However, for too long, the queen of song has become a standby love for those entrusted to select the creme de la creme of this country.

NationNews.com Nation Publishing Co. Limited 2013

Cycling in Barbados has a long and proud history.  Dating back to the 1940s, Barbados cyclists dominated the Caribbean grass track scene, and with names like Dobbie Douglas, Garry Hoppin, and later Lyle Carmichael and John Skinner.  All these riders are still remembered fondly by those still around, who witnessed their exploits.  The primary venues of that epoch were the grass tracks of Kensington Oval in Barbados, Bourda in Guyana, Queens Park Oval and Guayacara Park in Trinidad, and Sabina Park in Jamaica.
Indeed, it was a cyclist who first represented Barbados at the Olympic Games.  In 1952,
Ken Farnum was the Caribbeans leading bike rider. But as Barbados had no Olympic Committee, Farnum was given a slot on the Jamaica Olympic team to compete at the
1952 Olympics in Helsinki.

During that early period, the sport was governed by the Amateur Athletic and Cycling Association.  Track and field was a popular sport and the cyclists of the day felt that their progress would be impeded if both sports were managed by one body.  It was agreed that there should be a separation of the sports of track and field and cycling.  Hence, the Barbados Cycling Union was formed in 1962.  The Unions primary mandates were to: -
promote, encourage, develop the art and past-time of cycling and to support and protect the interest of racing cycling and supervise and control all amateur and professional cycle racing in Barbados.

With the formation of the Cycling Union, Barbados cyclists commenced participating at major international meets.  In 1962, Barbados first cycling team to the Central American and Caribbean Games in Kingstown, Jamaica comprised Vernon Parris and the late Richard Brown.  Four years later saw Barbados cycling represented at the Commonwealth Games in 1966 and another large team was sent to the Central American Games in San Juan, Puerto Rico in that year.  1968 was a landmark year for Barbados cycling from two perspectives.  Road racing was introduced.  Prior to 1968, road racing was against the law in Barbados.  This was a major impediment to the sport, as road competition is an integral part of the Cycling discipline.  Also in 1968, Barbados cyclists participated at an Olympic Games for the first time.  A team comprising Colin Forde, Michael Stoute, Richard Roett and Kingsly Reece, competed in Mexico City.

R.I.P.: Fr. J. Leonard  (w/Elizabeth & Ken Farnum)
at the Fordham University 2003 Christmas Concert
in The Leonard Theatre (Fordham Prep Auditorium)

Elizabeth Farnum - Praire Home Companion
Town Hall, NYC 2006 Christmas Show

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Keys To Survival CD cover

 Check out some excerpts
from Marty Bartolomeo's new CD, "Keys To Survival"!

   Ken co-produced this CD with Marty and recorded the acoustic piano tracks
on the 9' Mason & Hamlin in Fordham University's chapel.
   The other instruments were recorded at Rich Fabrizzio's "Frequency" Studios in Mt. Vernon.

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